Ode to the Third Estate - MNR020

Ode to the Third Estate

Ode to the Third Estate (OTTTE ), MNR020’s first ever album, released on the 4th of September 2020, containing 15 songs. 

OTTTE, an album formulated and created throughout the duration of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating a vast amount of genres and styles from the rap world.

All 15 tunes composed by Liam Figge Pickles, vocals performed by both Baxter Fielding and Liam Figge Pickles, and lyrics written by both of the MNR duo.

MNR locked themselves inside their own home made studio for 2 weeks. Making track after track, bouncing off of each others energy and a healthy amount of whiskey, MNR’s debut album was formed.

But what do MNR’s fans think on the album?

“A greatly produced album, supplemented by flows and lyrics that brings the listener through different moods”

An album varying with authenticity, and enlightening the possibility of mixtures between different genres and vibes”