MNR's unreleased snippets:

As fans await their next music drop, MNR have decided to release a couple snippets of unreleased songs that will be released in the coming months. These tunes were made in the amazing country of Greece, where the warm weather, beautiful woman and a variety of alcoholic drinks helped inspire put these tunes together.

Showcasing a variety of new flows, sounds and styles to their rap music, MNR hope to keep their listeners on their toes, excited for more music with their unreleased tunes that can be heard below!

Furthermore, a quote from MNR on why artists should release snippets; 

“Honestly, releasing snippets of new music is the smartest thing artist can do. For one, it shows their listeners that they are always making new music, therefore creating a connection, or a bond rather with their audience, which is always a special feeling”

“Releasing snippets of new music also gives us as artists a chance to see and understand whether or not our audience is liking the new styles of music we’re making, we take it as feedback, and then we know if we need to change up our music or not”