MNR's take on social media:

MNR find social media the best way to promote their music, and interact with their audience. The main social medias they tend to use are Instagram and Snapchat. But why Instagram and Snapchat? 

Instagram has brilliant features that allow users to easily control how they would want their Instagram page/feed to look like. For example, being able to create separate accounts, being able to post multiple pictures at once, live streams and many more. All these features help massively with promoting music. For example, MNR can start a live stream on instagram at any point in which they could show their audience unreleased snippets of their music, therefore creating interaction and helps a lot with feedback on which tracks the listeners like the sound of.

Snapchat has less features to offer than Instagram but can still be useful for artists for promoting their music. As Snapchat is mainly for posting videos or photos of yourself or what activities you are up to, artists may use it to post previews of their upcoming music videos.

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