“An album varying with authenticity, and enlightening the possibility of mixtures between different genres and vibes”

– Youssef Basaly

“A greatly produced album, supplemented by flows and lyrics that brings the listener through different moods”

– Eric De Vries

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Mnr020 also referred to as MNR is a creative musical duo based in Amsterdam, hailing from the U.K.

Baxter George Fielding is the lead vocalist/rapper who uses his abilities to carry many of the hooks present in the songs, matching wit and flow to create catchy hooks.

Liam Figge Pickles aka Burb. is the producer and secondary vocalist in the duo. Having a musical basis on the guitar he frequently implements the instrument within the instrumentals.

Having grown up listening to both the U.K. and US scenes one can see the inspiration within the songs.

This promising young up and coming duo have released their debut self produced and published album ‘Ode To The Third Estate’, which came out on the 4th of September 2020, setting the tone and mood for the end of summer.

About MNR - What are they up to now?

Baxter and Liam are currently working on their next musical concept. Whether thats an album, multiple EP’s and Mixtapes or a collection of singles, MNR attempt to keep their audience on their toes with teasers of unreleased music on their social medias to help promote upcoming music.

Baxter is currently in the process of learning the ins and outs of producing, mixing and mastering, and Liam is focussing on improving his electric guitar and piano skills to help further develop the instrumentals used for MNR’s upcoming tracks.

After a brilliant 2020, MNR will hope to double their number of streams and listeners with a whole new style of music.